TFX Tax Preparation Process

Step 1 - Sign Up

If you would like to engage our services, please sign up as a new client and choose the service you’d like us to perform.

Step 2 - Create the Tax Questionnaire (TQ)

Once you have created an account with us, please create a Tax Questionnaire.

Once you have completed and submitted your questionnaire our Tax Team will review your documents for completeness, and you will then be assigned to your own CPA who will be assisting you throughout the tax preparation. 

Please answer to the best of your ability and submit. Your assigned licensed tax preparer will base the preparation of your return and other tax documents from your answers on the tax questionnaire.

Step 3 - Sign Engagement Letter (EL)

Within 3 business days of submitting your questionnaire, you will be presented with an Engagement Letter that will outline the services that are needed for filing and the total costs. If you agree and wish to proceed, please proceed to sign the EL. From there, your CPA will start working on your return or tax documents and it would take up to 15 business days per year.

Step 4 - We prepare the requested return(s)

At this stage, our team begins work. Every return is reviewed by at least two CPA/EA and often more. At times, you may see that some files have been uploaded, but not available for you to download. That is normal --- that means the files have been prepared but not yet passed our internal review. As soon as they are released, you will be alerted via email and push notifications on your mobile app.

Your tax preparer may also reach out to you to request additional information. In this case, you will receive a secure link (also accessible from the client home dashboard when you log in) with the questions awaiting your response.

Step 5 - Pay & Review Document(s)

When your tax documents are ready, you will be notified and requested to pay the bill(s)

Note, if this is a multiple-year project, billing may come in stages so that you are not asked to review hundreds of pages of returns at once (a daunting task!) and so that you can provide feedback; this staggered billing process also any potential errors to be corrected before they flow through to future years. 

When all the documents have been prepared, you will be asked to electronically approve or disapprove. After you have approved them, we will proceed to e-file.

Once you confirm you are happy with your return we will e-file it on your behalf. Please note that in certain cases the IRS does not allow e-filing (if that applies to you, we will provide instructions on how you can mail it to the IRS).

We're looking forward to working with you!

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