Why do I need TFX if I spend all this time filling out the TQ

Hire TFX for expertise - not data entry

We've been asked before - "Why do I need TFX if I have to complete the Tax Questionnaire? Wouldn't I spend the same time just doing the tax forms on my own?"  
The simple answer is no. Our TQ simply helps you organize the information. Then, the human  tax preparer working on your case will use this data to figure out the optimal strategy and prepare your return. The initial data aggregation process is going to be similar to whoever you work with (TFX, a self-filing tax program, or with another professional accountant). And within that, we do believe that our process of aggregating that information is as client-friendly as it gets.
But, you don't pay us to aggregate your information - the reason you hire us to prepare your tax return (with the aggregated information) in the most optimal manner. You are enlisting our services for our years of expertise and the knowledge we bring to the table. Turbotax is a machine; we actually review hundreds of returns each year that were self-prepared, or prepared by competitors, that are incorrect and not optimized in favor of the taxpayer, leaving money on the table. TFX fixes these returns and then retains the clients for years after as they see our value.
If you don't have time to complete our simple questionnaire - we offer the VIP Service
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