Banks request Proof Tax compliance - preparer certification letter

Proof of tax compliance

Banks around the world may ask US Expats for proof of Compliance with their U.S. taxes. 

For example, a bank may send a FATCA letter to a client requesting certain information about their US tax status (and probably ask them to complete either the W-9 or W-8 Form). 

Preparer certification and notification letter to bank

We (TFX) can prepare a letter called the ' U.S. Paid Preparer Certification and Notification'. That's a letter indicating that we have prepared - or we are in the process of preparing XYZ U.S. tax returns for the client

This will give the clients more time in order to put their US taxes in order and not have their bank account frozen. Banks will normally give a 45-day extension.

Let us know if you wish for TFX to prepare this letter on our letterhead.

Note: Whether this is sent to a bank or to a lawyer - the deliverable is the same.

The cost for the service is $150 for the letter provided to the client as a PDF email attachment. We are no longer mailing such letters for clients. See All Fees Page (TFX Letter to third parties).

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