My bank is asking me to complete the form W-8BEN-E - can TFX help?

We can certainly help you prepare the form W-8BENE. The cost to prepare one form is $300.

We can prepare this form within one week after you provide the following information:

  • Foreign company incorporating document
  • Foreign company tax identification number
  • Description of the business activity in the US
  • Answers to the following questions:
    • do you have an agent in the US (an individual or a branch handling business activity in the US)?
    • do you receive any income from the US?

If you don't yet have an account on our system, please create an account at and select Tax preparation service during the registration. 

Note that the account should be in your name or the name of a company representative authorized to sign the form W-8BEN-e.

In course of preparation, we will determine whether there are other US reporting requirements, i.e. form 1040F if the company has business activity in the US.

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