How to Copy Your FB Post Link

After you have provided a Project Signoff, you can take part in our Post on Facebook - Get 10$ program. Simply post about us to Facebook and get 10$ credit to your account. 

How to Take Part in the Program

1. Log in to your TFX account, then click Yes button in Would you like to get $10? pop-up.

2. Click Next, then add your comment to the post text provided. Ensure that post visibility is set to Public, then click Post to Facebook.  

Note: This is a very important step. Unfortunately, you can't receive your reward when sharing with friends only.

3. Copy the permanent link to your post, paste it to the pop-up, then click Send

How to Get the Link to Your Facebook Post on Desktop

Each Facebook post has a timestamp on the top (it may be something like Just now, 3 mins or Yesterday). This timestamp contains the link to your post. So, to copy it, simply hover your mouse over the timestamp, right click, then copy link address. 

How to Get the Link to Your Facebook Post on Mobile

Using the Facebook app? Then, it's very easy to get the link to your Facebook post. Simply tap Share > More options > Copy to Clipboard

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