FBAR Only Tax Questionnaire

If you are participating in the streamlined program, you will likely be required to file 3 years tax returns and 6 years FBARs. This will require 6 tax questionnaires - see How should I complete the Tax Questionnaires if I’m applying to the Streamlined Procedure?

Currently, the years are 2017-2019 tax returns, and 2014-2019 FBARs. 

For 2016, 2017, 2018 we'd need full tax questionnaire's. However, for 2014-2016 we do not need your income information, just the non-US accounts information to prepare your FBARs. This is why we created the FBAR only TQ. Such TQ contains limited amount of questions (no income information, etc.). 

If you created an FBAR only TQ accidentally - you can update it to a full TQ at any time. See video below

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