How to Copy Your Public Review Link

If you decided to take part in our  Post Public Review - Get 10$ program, you'll need to provide your review link to get your reward. Here's how to do it:

How to Copy Review Link on Trustpilot

1. Log in to your Trustpilot profile, and your review appears at the top of our company's profile. You can also find it in your reviews list by clicking your name at the top right and navigating to My Reviews

2. Once you've discovered your review, right-click the  Edit link, then paste it somewhere (for example, to your address bar), remove edit symbols at the end, then select and copy the corrected link.

3. Paste it to the pop-up, then click  Send.

How to Copy Review Link on Facebook

1. Click Yes on the Facebook review page, then write your review. Ensure that post visibility is set to Public, then click Post.  

Note:  This is a very important step. Unfortunately, you can't receive your reward when sharing your review with friends only.

2. Right-click on a timestamp of your post (it may be something like  Just now, 3 mins or Yesterday), then copy link address. 

3. Paste it to the pop-up, then click  Send.

How to Copy Review Link on ShopperApproved

1. Find your review in our company's profile, click the Share Review, then click the Twitter icon. 

2. Discover the link to your review at the bottom of the suggested post text, then copy it. Actually, you don't need to share your review on Twitter, there's just the simplest way to get the direct link to your review. You can now close the pop-up. 

3. Paste your link to the pop-up, then click  Send.

How to Copy Review Link on Verified Reviews

Actually, you don't need to copy your review link on Verified Reviews. You just need to provide us with the name under which the review was made. 

How to Copy Review Link on Google My Business (Google Local)

1. Leave a review and tap "Post".

2. Go to "See your reviews".

3. Tap "Share" and copy the link. 

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