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Child Support Reporting

Maternity or Paternity Pay

Report it on Earned Income > Income Outside of the U.S. tab. Specify the employer's details, then indicate gross wages/salary earned with this employer during the tax year. Don't forget to select the currency.

I receive child care benefits from the government

Not reportable. Alimony, on the other hand, is. 

I receive alimony

Report on Income > Other Income tab, question Did you pay or receive Alimony during the tax year?

My employer reimburses me for my children’s tuition.

Please report this in the  Other Income tab by answering the Child benefits of any kind question.

Examples of other items that may affect your taxable income that should be reported on  Other Income tab are:
  • cash and non-cash allowances from the employer
  • inheritance or gift from non-US person exceeding $100K
  • gifts you made in excess of $14K
  • non-custodial parent-child exemption

Do I have to provide information about my spouse's income?

Do I have to report my spouse's income?

The short answer is  no. You don't have to.

However, it may be in your interest to file together. We will analyze your situation and advise you of this. This is one of the core services we offer to our clients.

My wife has a green card that has expired but not renounced. What are her tax return options?

Your wife is considered a U.S. resident for tax purposes until she officially renounces the green card.

Therefore she is required to file US tax returns. She can file jointly with you.

I file a joint return with my husband in our resident country. We will file separately in the US. How should I report the tax I paid myself?

Please prorate the tax you paid yourself using the total tax paid by the household at the rate of income distribution between the spouses.

Example: Your spouse earned $80,000 and you earned $20,000. You paid $10,000 joint tax. Pro-rate the tax paid for your share using your joint tax rate of 10% -  i.e. allocate $2,000 to the tax you paid.

I am married to a non-US citizen. Do I have to include their details in the TQ (and by extension my US tax return)?

If you are married, you must file as married and provide the IRS basic details about your spouse.

If your spouse is not a US citizen, information about your spousal income is optional and does not have to be included in your tax return (but doing so may be beneficial to you). This can be discussed with your accountant. We will make sure to take the position most beneficial to you.

I have an interest in a Foreign Partnership owned jointly with my husband.

Husband and wife partnership can be treated on U.S. tax return as a "qualified joint venture" (i.e. you and your husband each report their share of income/expenses on a separate Schedule C as Sole Proprietorship).

If your spouse is a non-US citizen/green card holder and will not be listed on your tax return filed separately, please only report your personal share of income/expenses on the Passive Income > Interest section. To display it, click Change Income Types button at the left, select I'm self-employed/independent contractor, click Next, select I earn interest, then click Close.

Do I need to report my child's bank account (which has a balance of over $10,000) on my FBAR?

  • If you are listed on the account as a guardian with signatory authority, then you have to report this account on your FBAR.
  • If you do not have signatory authority over the account, you do not have to list it on your FBAR.
  • If your child is a U.S. citizen you must file an FBAR on their behalf regardless of the child's age and regardless of your own signatory authority.

I’m applying to the Streamlined Program and changed my marital status during these years

You need to complete Questionnaires for each year. Thus, indicate your marital status separately for each year. 

If you were married for a full year

Select  I am married during the TQ creation. You can click Change Income Types button at the left and select I am married at any time. 

If you were not married for a year

But, for some reason, you see Family subtab, you can click Change Income Types button at the left and deselect I am married.

If you were married for a part of a year

Select  I am married during the TQ creation, then answer Yes to the question Were you married for only part of the filing year? and provide details below. 

Note that you can click  Change Income Types button at the left and select I am married at any time.

Example: You were married in 2014 and split up in 2015. For the 2014 and 2015 years select I am married, for 2015 answer Yes to the question Were you married for only part of the filing year? For the 2016 year, don't select I am married

My children don't have US Social Security numbers. Should I mention them as dependents in the TQ?

Yes, you should. Having even that information will allow us to optimize your return (remember - we work for you, not the IRS, and we'll advise on the best way to file for you).

Just leave blank if no SS#.

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