Expiring Credit: What Is It & How to Use It

At TFX, we provide our clients with two types of credit: regular (credit and bonus credit) and expiring credit. Let’s explain what expiring credit means.

How do I use it and when does the credit expire? 

Expiring credit becomes real credit when you make a payment of $300. If you don’t make a payment of $300 by the expiration date, the credit, as the name suggests, expires.

How can I receive TFX expiring credit?

Expiring credit can be sent via a link (click to activate) or it can be added to your account automatically. Expiring credits may be added via special offers. Subscribe to our newsletter so as not to miss them. 

How do I know if I have expiring credits?

When you log on to your TFX account, you’ll see a banner that states the number of credits and the due date.

To turn your expiring credit into permanent credit make a prepayment. The prepayment should be $300 or more. 

Once you make the prepayment, the expiring credit becomes permanent and it will be reflected in your “Payments” dashboard along with the sum of your prepayment. 

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