How Do I Sign Up

In order to receive our services, you’ll need to first create an account on our website. Registration is free and gives you access to your own personal account. Using your personal account, you can:

The registration process is straightforward and takes only several minutes. You can get started in one of two ways:

  • On the start page, type your first name, last name, email, create a password for your account, then click Get Started.


  • Click  SIGN UP button at the top right.

The registration page will open.

Completing the Initial Registration Form

Now, you’ll need to fill in the registration form. We will guide you through it step-by-step.

1. Enter your personal details: first name, middle name, last name, title, and date of birth, then click  Next. Note that if you started using the Get Started form on the start page, your personal information will already be entered. You may change it later if you need to.

2. If you have accessed the registration page by clicking on the  Sign  Up  button , you’ll also need to enter your email address and create your password, which you will use to access your account. It should have at least 8 characters, one capital letter, and one number. Use the eye icon to display the password if you need to. 

3. Choose the service you need, then click Next. If you’re uncertain about which service to choose, use the infobox or find out more about our services here.

4. Then enter your phone number and choose the country.

5. Type the name of the friend or family member who referred you, so that they’ll receive a $75 referral credit.

6. Tell us if any of your family members are already using TFX so we can assign you the same tax consultant. 

Now you are ready to register. Click the Finish button to proceed.

The Follow-Up Questions

In order to help us process your return, we ask that you answer 8 simple questions about your financial situation. This is optional but will help us help you. 

Please read them carefully, select either Yes, No or Not Sure, and then click the Save button.

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