Approving/Disapproving Your Return

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be able to download your prepared tax documents. We ask that you review and approve your tax return before filing. Of course, we’re not asking you to verify technical tax details.

We simply ask that you check that your personal details and basic information is correct. Specifically:

  • Please review the first page of Form 1040 to be sure there are no typos in your basic information (your name, your address, your Social Security number, and your filing status).
  • When reviewing your information, be sure to review the information listed for your spouse and children as well–-names and Social Security numbers have to be written exactly as they are shown on the Social Security card.
  • Line 7 of Form 1040 reports your wages. Make sure to check that this figure is accurate.
  • This step is extremely important: if you have opted to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account, check the account and routing numbers you have provided to make sure they are correct.
  • Taxes you’ve paid in a foreign country earn you tax credits in the U.S. These credits are claimed using Form 1116. It is important to note that you cannot claim a foreign tax credit on amounts which have already deducted from your wages earned in the U.S.
  • You may have multiple Forms 1116 if your taxed foreign income comes from various sources. Be sure to check each form, separately, for accuracy.

Once you have finished checking your return, you can choose to approve or disapprove it. To do this, browse to the Home section, and then click Approve or Disapprove button.

Approving your Return

If you haven't found any mistakes and don't have any comments to make, please go ahead and approve the return.

  1. Click the orange Approve button. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate check boxes and then click Sign.

Once the return is approved it will be e-Filed within the next 3 business days. If your return must be filed by mail, we will provide you with detailed mailing instructions.

Disapproving your Return

If you have any questions about your return or comments you would like to make, please disapprove it.

  1. Click the blue Disapprove button. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed.
  2. Please describe the issue in the field provided.
  3. If there is more than one issue, click the Add reason link to add a field. You may add as many fields as you like.
  4. Click Submit to send your comments.

Once you’ve disapproved the draft of your return and have sent us feedback explaining the problem, we’ll work on amending your return. You can expect a response within 3 business days.

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