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We ask that you pick a service at the time of registration - so that we’ll know how to best help you from the get-go.

US Tax Preparation

is our most common service. All US citizens and green card holders must file an annual tax return reporting their worldwide income (if they meet minimum filing requirements). We file US tax returns for Americans all over the world (190 countries at the last count).

Streamlined Procedure

if you have not filed your taxes for the last few years, the IRS has an amnesty program. It involves filing 3 years of tax returns and 6 years of FBAR.

Tax Projection Service

is a future-year tax calculation service. This service will help you get ready for the upcoming tax season by explaining how any changes in life circumstances may affect your taxes in the future. The deliverables include a draft of form 1040 and estimated IRS payment vouchers.

Check My Tax Return

is a service to help you find out if your already prepared return is correct. We double-check your return for accuracy and make sure that you’ve claimed all possible credits and deductions and that the required forms have been filled out correctly.

IRS Letter Service

is a service we offer for those who have received correspondence from the IRS. If you have received a letter from IRS, we can provide professional assistance.

We’ll summarize the contents of the letter in layman’s terms, explain the options available to you, and suggest an action plan tailored to your circumstances.

For example, we may advise you to prepare an amended return or to take advantage of our Representation Services where our agents liaise with the IRS on your behalf. This can include anything from calling the IRS to inquire about your refund status, to requesting a tax transcripts, signing and sending tax returns on your behalf, and drafting letters requesting penalty waivers).

We offer this service under a billable hour arrangement. Our fee for our Representation Services is $200 per billable hour, and the $250 retainer from IRS letter service may be applied towards either of these services.

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