Paying Bills

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Reviewing Bills

Once you have ordered a TFX service, the bill will automatically be added to the Bills subsection. Bills added by your tax preparer will also appear here. The bills are grouped by year. To view all bills paid during a certain year, click on that year in the table.

For each bill, the following information is available:

  • Description – You’ll always know what you’re being billed for.
  • Date – You can view the date the bill was charged.
  • Amount – You can see how much you are charged.
  • Date Paid – You can see when you paid the bill.
  • Amount Due – The amount due is the total amount of all unpaid bills. If you have unpaid bills, the amount due info will be displayed on the Bills and Payments button on the menu.

Making a Payment

You can pay a bill with a credit card. It is possible to pay all your bills at once or only selected bills. You may also pay your bills and make a prepayment at the same time.

To pay all bills:

1. Browse to the Bills & Payments section, review your bills, and then click Pay Outstanding Bills.

2. Select the credit card type. Then click 'Got it'. Please note that we don't support American Express cards.

To pay selected bills,

1. Browse to Bills & Payments section, then review the bills.

2. Click Pay Selected, clear the checkboxes next to the bills you are not going to pay for now and then click Pay Outstanding Bills.

3. Select the credit card type.  Select the checkbox, then click  Got it. 

Please note that all payments are made using a secure credit card processing services and we never store your payment details.

Payments in your local currency

By default, the payment amount will be converted to your local currency. If, for some reason, you can't pay with your credit card, please contact our support team. We may be able to offer other payment options. 

Saving and Changing Your Payment Info 

You may securely save your credit card details for future payments on our site. To save this information, select  Remember Me, then enter your phone number. The number will be used to verify your identity by TFX and other sites using Stripe Checkout. 

The next time you need to make a payment, the system will remember your saved card.

If you would like to change the credit card that you have on file, click on the last 4 digits of the card number, delete the information, then enter the new card details. 

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