Unsigned Engagement Letters

If you have unsigned engagement letters, a blue icon with a number will be displayed on the Engagement Letters button on the menu.

To see the unsigned letters, click Engagement Letters. For each engagement letter, the following information is available:

  • Date Created – You may view when the letter was created.
  • Total Amount – You may see exactly how much you will be charged for the services laid out in the agreement.

Viewing Engagement Letters

To view an engagement letter, click Engagement Letters, then click View & SIgn.

Please note that an engagement letter only shows the services that will be performed and their cost. Unlike an invoice, which shows both the total cost of the services and the payments made, an engagement letter will not show any payments that you have made. That information can be found in the Bills & Payments section of our website.

For example, the engagement letter may show a total cost of $500 and you’ve currently paid $350 in prepayment credits. Therefore, the amount due when your return is finished will be $150.

Signing Engagement Letters

To sign an engagement letter, click Engagement Letters, then click View & SIgn.

Once the engagement letter is displayed, follow these steps:

1. Review the contents of the engagement letter, then click the Signature style box.

2. Select the style of the signature on the right.

3. Click Adopt and Sign.

4. Click Submit And Email Me the Copy to confirm the signing. 

You may  choose  to  prepay the services listed in an engagement letter immediately after signing it. A pop-up will be displayed asking if you would like to prepay. Click Yes to continue to the prepayment screen. 

I’m Not Ready to Sign

Sometimes you may have questions or disagree with something in the engagement letter. We are always ready to clarify a point or resolve an issue for you.

To send us a question or voice a concern regarding an engagement letter,

1. Click Engagement Letters, then click Sign.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click I have questions about the EL.

3. You will be presented with a form where you may list any questions or concerns you have regarding each EL item.

4. Click Submit to send your comments to your tax preparer. 

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