Prepaying The Services Listed In An Engagement Letter

In general, you’ll be asked to pay for our services once your documents have been prepared and uploaded to your personal account. However, you may choose to pay for the services you’ve requested in advance by making a prepayment. This can be done as soon as the engagement letter has been signed. Prepaying after the engagement letter is signed saves you time because it allows you to access your return as soon as it prepared, with no further steps required.

Prepaying After Signing the Engagement Letter

You may choose to prepay the services listed in an engagement letter immediately after signing it. Once you’ve clicked the Submit and Email Me a Copy button, a pop-up will be displayed asking if you would like to prepay. Click Yes to continue to the prepayment screen.

Standard Prepayment

If you click No by accident or change your mind later, you can still choose to prepay. Browse to Signed Engagement Letters, then click Prepay EL.

To make a prepayment:

Select your credit card type and click OK, then proceed with the payment.

Please note that all payments are made using a secure credit card processing services and we never store your payment details.

If, for some reason, you can't pay with your credit card, please contact our support team. We may be able to offer you other payment options.

Please note that you also have the option of making a prepayment for an amount of your choice.

Prepaying an Engagement Letter using Credit

If you already have credit on your account, you don't need to use your credit card to prepay the services in engagement letters.

If the amount of credit available is less than the total cost of the services listed in an engagement letter, the amount of available credit will be deducted from total prepayment amount and the difference can be paid with a credit card.

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