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The Project sign-off is the last step of the process. Once your return is ready and you’ve approved it, there are two possible options for filing:

  • The return is e-filed by us and we’ll send you confirmation from the IRS that the return has been received.
  • You send the return by mail. In this case, you’ll receive instructions from us explaining how to mail your return to the IRS.

You may view and download your confirmation and/or instructions by browsing to Documents > Instructions and Confirmations.  

Once you have followed the filling instructions or received a confirmation of reception, we ask you to provide a project sign-off. This lets us know that you’ve received either a confirmation or mailing instructions and that we can mark your case as complete.

Providing Project Sign-Off

  1. Browse to the homepage of your personal account.
  2. Select the items you have received from us, then select the appropriate option regarding FBAR and/or FATCA preparation.
  3. Click Signoff to confirm the completion of your case.

Rejecting Project Sign-Off

If you have any questions about the work performed for you or comments you would like to make, please let us know. 

  1. Click I do not agree link. A Project Signoff Questions pop-up will be displayed.
  2. Please describe the issue in the field provided.
  3. Click Send to submit your comments.

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