Creating a New Tax Questionnaire (TQ)

To begin a new online Tax Questionnaire:

1. Browse to the Tax Questionnaire (TQ)  section, then click Create New Questionnaire.

2. On the Create New Questionnaire page, specify the year for which you want to create the Tax Questionnaire.

3. Select your TQ type by selecting Citizenship and answering the follow-up questions. 

There are 5 different TQ types

  • US Citizen/GC holder Expat (US citizen residing outside the US)
  • US Citizen/GC Holder USA (US citizen/GC holder residing in the US)
  • Non-Resident Alien residing outside of the US (Non Citizen/Non-GC holder with US tax requirements, yet residing abroad)
  • Non-Resident Alien residing in the US (Non Citizen/Non-GC holder residing in the US)
  • FBAR Only TQ - utilized by those participating in the streamlined procedure program

1. To activate the right TQ type, indicate whether you’re a U.S. Citizen, Green Card Holder or none of them. It’s very important to select the right option and then answer the follow-up questions. You will see the hint on TQ type selected under the answeredquestions.

If you answered  US Citizen or Green Card Holder, you'll be asked if you were living outside of the U.S during this calendar year. If answered Yes, you'll be asked Is this TQ FBAR only? Answer Yes only if you're participating in the streamlined procedure program. Otherwise, answer No

If you selected  None of the above for the Citizenship, you’ll be prompted to type the number of days you spent in the U.S. in each of the last three calendar years. There is a formula that the IRS determines whether the user meets the Substantial Presence Test.

2.  Please answer  Yes or No to all questions on the next screen.

Depending on your answers, we will show/hide certain sections of the TQ. Certain icons will prompt additional icons. 

  • For example, I earn a salary will show two more on the next page: I have income from the U.S. and I have income from outside the U.S. 
  • For example, If you click NO to Self-employed or Independent Contractor, we won't ask you further questions about it.

Note - you can change this information once you create the TQ at any point by clicking LIfe & Income on the left sidebar of the questionnaire

You may now start filling in your Questionnaire

It is critical that you answer the questionnaire as fully as possible, as this will help us in ensuring your return is accurately and optimally prepared.

Copying Info from a Previous Questionnaire

If you want us to prepare tax returns for several different years, you’ll need to create a separate Questionnaire for each year. To streamline the process, you may copy some of your basic information from previous questionnaires. Your financial information will never be copied in order to avoid errors.

To transfer info to a new Questionnaire from an existing TQ,

1. Start a new online Questionnaire by following the steps described above

2. Select Copy Data From Another Questionnaire, then select the year of the TQ that you would like the data to be copied from.

3. Click Submit.

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