Creating a New Tax Questionnaire (TQ)

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Creating a tax questionnaire

Browse to the Tax Questionnaire (TQ)  section, then click Create New Questionnaire.

How many tax returns are we preparing? One or more?

When creating a questionnaire, please choose if you would like us to prepare one tax return or more.

If you would like more than one - we ask if you are delinquent on filing tax returns for 6 or more years. This is a shortcut to creating tax questionnaires for the streamlined program.

đź‘‹ Keep in mind: you can copy data from one year to another, so you can easily create multiple questionnaires now and carry over that information to other years to save time on data entry.

One year

If filing more than one year, please indicate if you are behind on 6 or more years. If you answer yes, we offer you the option to join the Streamlined Program. If interested - please click YES.

This will automatically create 6 TQs as required by the streamlined program. 

Streamlined program

This program requires filing 3 tax returns and 6 FBARs. If you indicate YES to the streamlined program, we will automatically create the tax questionnaires required for the program

  • Currently, the years are 2015-2020
  • This means we will create 2020, 2019, 2018 normal questionnaires, which ask about your income, and 2017, 2016, 2015 FBAR Only questionnaires which only ask about your non-US bank accounts.

If you click NO - you can select which years you would like to create manually (it is a multi-select field - you can enter as many as you wish)

Are you a US Citizen? Did you live in the US or abroad?

For each year, we want to ensure we ask you the right questions. We ask for each year whether you lived in the US or abroad and whether you are a US citizen or not.

To save time answering questions over and over - for each TQ after the first, click Same as above or the Modify buttons. Same as above implies the answers to the questions in the new year are the same as the prior. Modify means that you want to change the answers for the selected year.

If you click Modify - you can change the question answers for that year

Brief Yes / No to ensure we don’t show what you don’t need

Great! Almost done. Please see the Yes/No questions --- these help ensure that we only ask you relevant questions. For example, we don’t want to ask about your spouse if you are single.

đź’ˇNote - you can change this information once you create the TQ at any point by clicking Life & Income on the left sidebar of the questionnaire

+Import responses: copy answers from prior questionnaire

If you have created a tax questionnaire in the past, click +Import Responses in the above window and select the year you would like to copy from. This will save you on data entry as you can avoid re-answering the same question twice. This will auto-populate all questions you have answered in the past (except for money questions, we don’t want to make accidental errors!).

Once you've created the TQ, you can always import answers by clicking the settings icon. See the video below.

Update Tax Questionnaire to latest version

If you’ve previously created a tax questionnaire but did not finish - do not fret.

If you selected YES to the streamlined procedure in the above windows, but we detect you previously created one of the necessary Tax questionnaires, we will prompt if you’d like to update to the latest version & import your answers.

Please click Yes, update & import

When you open an outdated TQ, you can update that year by clicking Convert

There are 5 different TQ types

  • US Citizen/GC holder Expat (US citizen residing outside the US)
  • US Citizen/GC Holder USA (US citizen/GC holder residing in the US)
  • Non-Resident Alien residing outside of the US (Non Citizen/Non-GC holder with US tax requirements, yet residing abroad)
  • Non-Resident Alien residing in the US (Non Citizen/Non-GC holder residing in the US)
  • FBAR Only TQ - utilized by those participating in the streamlined procedure program
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