Viewing Your Referral History and Earnings

You can always stay on top of your referral history and view how much credit you’ve earned through referrals.

Referral History

To see your past referrals, Click on the Your Referrals link in the top right corner of the screen, then click on Your Referral History tab.

The Referral History section contains information about who you’ve invited to use TFX for tax preparation.

  • Referrals. You can see the names of everyone who you’ve referred TFX to
  • Source. You can see how they signed up (through a referral link or a signup code)
  • Status. You can check the status of your referral to see if someone you’ve invited has already become a paying client. If the person has signed up, their status is Registered. However, if they have paid their first bill their status is Paid.

Referral Earnings

Once your referral becomes a paying client, you’ll receive $25 credit which can be used to pay for any TFX service. Credit never expires. You can check your referral earnings in the Bills & Payments > Payments section.

Every time you earn credit through a referral you can see:

  • Date –  When you received the credit.
  • Amount – How much you were credited.
  • Mode – How you were paid, in this case, it should always read Credited.

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