Free Introductory Phone Consultation

New clients may request a free Introductory Phone Consultation with one of our tax advisors.

This consultation is offered free of charge but we do require that our clients pay a $50 retainer which goes towards their tax preparation fees beforehand. The consultation may last up to 30 minutes. During the consultation, we’ll have a chance to discuss your tax situation,  how we can help you, how our process works, what information we’ll need from you to proceed etc.

Common Topics

  • The optimal method of filing (how many years to file, whether to file using the Streamlined Procedure, etc.).
  • What documents we’ll need to proceed.
  • How to report a non-resident spouse and their income.

Scheduling a Phone Consultation

To schedule an Introductory Phone Consultation:

1. Click Phone Consult > Free Intro Consultation.

2. Choose a date on the calendar, and then select one of the 30-minute slots available. Please note that all the times shown are for the New York time zone.

3. Select the date and time of your choosing. If you wish to make a change, click BACK. Otherwise, enter your questions and anything else you want us to know, then click Proceed to Pay.

4. Enter your card details, then click Pay $50. This money will remain in your account as credit and may be used to pay for tax preparation services in the future.

5. After your payment has been processed, you’ll have the option to edit your brief outline of what you would like to discuss. You can also add additional questions. Once you’ve finished, click Submit.

To dial in: Call conference line + Enter pin code

Upon booking, you will also receive an email confirmation with the date, time and dial-in instructions.

To get connected to your tax advisor you will need to enter the indicated pin. If you’re calling from abroad, we recommend that you use Google Voice on your desktop or mobile to call free of charge. 

You may call in to join the consultation call through any method you wish - Google Voice, Skype, or simply by calling the number.

Please add a reminder to your calendar and call at the chosen time. 

Note If you are unable to dial in at this time, you must reschedule 24 hours in advance.

Can't Find Phone Consultation on the Menu?

We offer free Introductory Phone Consultations for new clients to help them get started with TFX. Once you‘ve signed your Engagement Letter, we no longer consider you a new client, so the Phone Consultation option will no longer be available. However, if you would like to schedule a Phone Consultation, you may contact your tax preparer.

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