Using a Signup Code

A signup code is another referral program option. By signing up with a code, your referral gets a bonus of $25, and when they become a paying client, $25 will be credited to your account. You may share your code by email or by posting your signup code on social media. 

To create and share a signup code,

1. Click  Your Referrals link at the top right corner of the screen, type any combination of symbols in Give $25, Keep $25 - Custom Code box, then click Save.

2. Choose your preferred social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or WhatsUp).

3. Edit the attached message (optional), then share your code with your friends.

You may also copy your custom signup code and send it to your friends any way you want.

Once the person comes to TFX enters your code while signing up, he/she gets $25 credit. As soon as your referral becomes a paying client, you also get $25 credit.

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