IRS Letters - Issues With Prior Returns

Five percent of all tax returns submitted to the IRS are not approved. If we prepared a return for you which has not been approved, we are more than happy to help you handle the issue.

To report an issue with a prior return

1. Browse to Previous Return Issues, then click Create New Report.

2. Specify the tax year of the unapproved return, then enter the name of the tax preparer who worked on your return.

3. If you’ve received a letter from the IRS, please specify in the report and upload a copy of the letter.

4. If you self prepared any forms on this return, please specify which ones.

5. Describe the issue, then click Submit.

6. To report another issue, repeat steps 1 through 5.

Managing Prior Return Issues

Once the report was filed you may find it by browsing to  Previous Return Issues.

Click Open Report to view more information about the issue report.

To delete the report, open it first, then click Delete Report.

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