My Cabinet Is Locked. I Cannot Work With the Files / Access My Tax Questionnaires

Once the Engagement letter is signed, we will begin work on your tax return. At this time, your file cabinet will be locked. It means that during this time, you will not be able to upload or modify files, create new Tax Questionnaires or edit existing ones. If you need to upload additional files or make changes to the Tax Questionnaires, please ask your tax advisor to unlock your filing cabinet.

As a rule, your filing cabinet will stay locked until your tax return is completed and paid for. Once we are finished preparing your documents, we will upload them to the Tax Docs We Prepared subsection. At the same time, your bill will appear in the Bills and Payments section. As soon as you’ve paid your bill, you’ll be able to access your tax documents. You can always review where you are in this process by browsing to the Home section.

Note that your file cabinet will also be locked temporarily if you disapproved your return. As soon as your tax preparer uploads the amended documents you will be able to access and download them.

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