Do you offer an audit protection service?

We firmly stand behind the work that we do. If you’re ever questioned by the IRS about a return that we prepared, we’ll review the letter for you and advise on the course of action that should be taken.


  1. If we made a mistake on your return, we’ll file an amended return free of charge (this is a very, very rare occurrence).
  2. If the return we prepared is correct but the IRS still has some questions about it, we'll advise you on the best and simplest way to handle their inquiry. It may be as simple as calling them and speaking to an agent or mailing a letter to.
  3. If the IRS disagrees with the figures you provided us that were used to prepare the return (for example, if you omitted income from the sale of stocks), we can file an amended return for you (this would be a payable service since we were not initially provided with correct information).

In very rare cases the IRS might audit you. This happens to roughly 0.5% of filers (assuming your income is under $100k - check full figures here). In this case, we can offer you our Representation Service: we would take on your case and deal with the agency on your behalf. For full details, please click here.

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