My PREMIER package fee includes 10 brokerage transactions. If I have more can they be grouped?

We report each stock sale as a separate transaction. The first 10 transactions are included in the flat fee. The cost of each additional transaction after can also be found here. However, you may group the transactions to reduce the cost. 

Foreign Brokerage Transactions

We can report aggregate amounts in 2 groups: long-term and short-term (depending on if they were held for a period of 365/366 days or longer). We’re happy to do this at no extra charge if you provide us with the total sale amount and total cost basis for both your long-term and short-term foreign brokerage transactions.

U.S. Brokerage Transactions

The regulatory requirements are stricter for U.S. brokerage transactions. We can perform higher-level aggregation at no extra charge only for transactions for which the basis is reported to IRS, transactions for which the basis is not reported to IRS need to be listed individually. Grouping can be performed. However, there is an additional $50 aggregation charge per group. The highest number of groups possible is 4. You may decide which way of reporting is more economical for you depending on the number of transactions. Possibilities include:

  • Short-term covered transactions with basis not reported to the IRS
  • Long-term covered transactions with basis not reported to the IRS
  • Long-term non-covered transactions with basis not reported to the IRS
  • Short-term non-covered transactions with basis reported to the IRS

TFX will be happy to assist.

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