Turning Off Your Pop-Up Blocker


To deactivate the Firefox Pop-Up Blocker:

  1. Click on the Firefox menu on the browser toolbar, then select Options.
  2. Select the Privacy & Security Tab.
  3. Clear the Block Pop-up windows check box.

Google Chrome

To deactivate the Google Chrome Pop-Up Blocker:

  1. Click on the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, select Settings, then click on Advanced.
  2. In the Privacy and Security section, click on Content settings.
  3. Click on Pop-ups, then slide the switch to the on position.

Microsoft Edge

To deactivate the Microsoft Edge Pop-up Blocker:

  1. Select the More actions (…) button, then select Settings.
  2. In the View advanced settings section, slide the Block pop-ups switch to the off position.

Internet Explorer 9/10/11

To deactivate the Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker:  

  1. Click on the gear icon on the browser toolbar, then select Internet Options.
  2. Under the Privacy Tab, clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker check box.

Safari (Mac)

To deactivate the Safari (Mac) Pop-Up  Blocker:

  1. From the Menu Toolbar select Safari and then Preferences.
  2. Browse to the Security tab, then clear the Block pop-up windows check box to turn off the pop-up blocker.

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