What to do if you’re missing some (or all) of the tax documents we ask for

If they’re documents from your country of resident

If you’re missing documents from your country of residence, then we will simply prepare a return for you based solely on the information you provide us with. However, because we cannot check the information you give us, there is a greater risk of your data being reported incorrectly.

If you do not have a copy of a U.S. tax document

If you have not received a U.S. tax document which you know should have arrived already (i.e. a Form W2 from a previous employer), then we recommend obtaining a copy of your tax document from the IRS website.

U.S. tax documents are the most important documents to obtain. If you report any U.S. income on your return that does not exactly match the figures that IRS has received (they receive copies of all the tax forms we ask you for), this will invariably result in a manual review of your tax return and follow-up letters from the IRS.

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