I filed using the Streamlined Procedure. How long will it take the IRS to respond?

It normally takes between 90 and 120 days for the IRS to process a Streamlined Procedure submission. You may, however, experience delays due to the IRS’s perennial backlog.

  • If you owed tax and sent in a full payment with your returns, then you should expect to receive an additional bill for interest penalties if they were not included in the original payment. This is a good sign; it indicates that your returns have been processed.
  • If you did not owe tax, you will not hear from the IRS. The IRS no longer sends Streamlined Program acceptance letters. If you don't hear from the IRS within 3 months after filing, you can assume that your application was accepted and your tax account is now in good standing.

If IRS needs additional documentation from you, a request will arrive approximately 2 months after your filing. Below you’ll find an example of a request for additional information.

Checking the Status of Your Return

If you would like an update on the status of your return, you can call the dedicated line for International Taxpayers at 267-941-1099 or you can check the status of your IRS tax account online. (Please note, the online service may not be as reliable for filers residing overseas).

Note: You can use Google Hangouts to call U.S. numbers from abroad free of charge.

Most state tax departments also offer this option. For example, if you filed an NY state return you can create an account and check the status of your return online here.

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