I’m relinquishing my U.S. citizenship this year. How should I file?

I you’ve chosen to relinquish your U.S. citizenship, you will need to file two tax returns for the year you expatriated: a regular Form 1040 and a Form 1040NR for the time since your expatriation.

Please prepare two Tax Questionnaires

1.  Create a regular resident TQ for 2017 (indicate that you are a U.S .citizen in the pop-up window). Then, enter your income information up until the date of expatriation.

2. Create a non-resident TQ for 2005 by selecting None of the above under the Citizenship 2005 is an arbitrary year as we only allow one TQ per year). Then, enter your income information from the date of expatriation to 12/31/17.


1. Form 1040 Standard pricing $350/$450 + additional schedules as needed.

2. Form 1040NR

If you received income from U.S. sources after expatriation – Standard pricing: $450/$500 + additional schedules as needed.

If you did not receive any income from U.S. sources after expatriation – Reduced prices: $100.

3. Form 8854 – If your net worth is less than $2 million: $400.  If your net worth is more than $2 million: $200 per hour.

Please fill out parts I, IV, and V of Form 8854. You should fill out as much as you can. Please avoid leaving spaces blank: either enter information if you have it, write N/A, or write ?. Please upload the completed file to the Documents section of your Client Area.

We will then check that the information you’ve provided is complete and accurate.

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