My spouse is a nonresident alien. Can I e-file?

Various options e-filing options are available. However, they all require that each person listed on the return has U.S. tax ID number (either a Social Security Number or an ITIN).

Option 1

Submit Form W-7 with your tax return and request an ITIN number for your NRA spouse. This will be your last paper filing. Once your spouse has been assigned an ITIN number, you will be able to e-file. You can continue filing separately, and your spouse will not have any obligation to report to the IRS.

Option 2

If you have a dependent with a U.S. Social Security Number (a child or other dependent who lives with you), you may qualify as head of household: a status which allows you to not include your NRA spouse on your return.

Option 3

If you have a child who lives with you but does not have a U.S. tax ID number, you can obtain a Social Security Number or ITIN number for that child and then file as head of household (see option 2).

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