My tax return will not be completed by October 15th. Can I request an additional extension from the IRS?

TFX can request the IRS to extend your filing date to December 15th

An additional 2-month extension to December 15th can be requested if you may not meet the October 15th deadline. However, unlike the regular federal extension, there is no standard IRS form; the request must be in the form of a written letter mailed to the IRS. 

How to process this request - button in your client account

Between September 1st and October 13th, there will be an active button in the home area of your TFX account, allowing you to process this request.

Important notes about additional extension request

The IRS must receive the letter requesting an additional extension before October 15th. Approval of extensions is subject to the two conditions listed below and is ultimately at the IRS's discretion.

This extension request requires a $350 retainer (if you already have 350 or more credits on file, you won't have to provide additional funds). A retainer is not an extra fee.

If you would like TFX to mail the request, a $50 mailing fee will be applied, and the remaining $300 credit will go towards tax prep. We'll ask you your preference when you request the letter.

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