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Why am I assigned a different preparer from last year?
Why am I assigned a different preparer from last year?
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Ensuring quality work

Rotating preparers is one of the ways we ensure that you receive high-quality service, adding an extra layer of safety checks. This approach is similar to the standard checks and balances systems used in banks. If a mistake were made by one preparer, they might inadvertently repeat it the following year. However, with a fresh set of eyes examining the return, potential issues are more likely to be identified and corrected. This step is taken to minimize risks and prioritize our clients' interests. We follow this policy across the board.

New preparer accesses prior year information

Each new preparer is granted access to the previous year's information and pins essential details in our CRM. They also audit the prior year's tax returns to ensure that any errors are identified and prevented from recurring.

Note: if for any reason you would like to be reassigned to another tax preparer, you can send an email to

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