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Payment options: PayPal, bank wire transfer, ACH, Wise
Payment options: PayPal, bank wire transfer, ACH, Wise
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Credit/debit cards

TFX accepts all credit and debit cards (except AMEX). All payments are made through a secure processing service. We do not store your payment details. For more information on how to make a payment using your card refer to the Bills & Payments article.


To enable the PayPal payment option, contact our support team.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

To transfer money between U.S. bank accounts via ACH secure network, use US dollar (ACH DOMESTIC) bank information on our website.

Note: to ensure a smooth wire transfer process, we recommend selecting the "I will pay all charges" option when prompted by your bank. We can only credit your account for the amount we receive. If you choose the "shared charges" option, the intermediary bank may deduct its fee from the transfer.

International bank wire transfer

If you do not have a U.S. bank account, use Euro, British pounds, or Australian dollar (INTERNATIONAL) bank information on our website. It includes the necessary IBAN/SWIFT/BIC/UK Sort Code/BSB Code details (worldwide, including APAC).

Note: convert the amount you owe to your currency using Google (type in Google "convert XXX USD to [your currency]"). Then let us know via email that you sent the funds and the FX rate you used. We will process your payment manually.


When selecting a wire transfer, we recommend using Wise (previously known as Transferwise). We regularly use this service for international transfers and highly recommend it as the cheapest and most efficient method for sending funds across countries and currencies. For further guidance, please refer to our website.

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