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Support options overview
Support options overview

Online chat, email, WhatsApp, free phone support

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To make the tax preparation process as smooth and easy as possible, we offer various support options to our clients. You can take a look at our written guides or contact our experts via phone, email, or chat. We offer the following support options:

Online chat support

To ask a question in real-time:

  1. Click on the blue callout icon in the bottom right corner.

  2. Click Messages > Send us a message.

  3. Type your message, then press Enter to send it.

    Note: you will be able to connect to one of our support team members.

Email support

You can contact the TFX support team via email by:

Free phone support

To call our support online for free:

  1. Navigate to the Contact page on our website and click Call now for free.

  2. Enter your contact information and click Call free online.

  3. Allow the online call service permission to access your microphone in the pop-up window that appears.

Note: if we miss your call, we will try to call you back at the phone number you provided.

WhatsApp support

To chat with our support via WhatsApp:

  1. Navigate to the Contact page on our website and click Message us on WhatsApp.

  2. The WhatsApp web page will open.

  3. Log in to your WhatsApp account to connect with us.

Contact your tax preparer

You can contact a tax preparer assigned to you or other TFX team members by using your regular email address or our messaging system.

To view messages from TFX, navigate to the Messages page and click the message subject.

To reply to the message, click the message subject > Reply.

To email your tax preparer:

  1. Click the Compose button on the Messages page.

  2. Select the recipient(s) in the To field. Add several recipients if needed.

  3. Type the subject and the message body.

  4. Click Attach files to add files from your computer or already uploaded to the TFX system.

  5. Click Send.

To attach files from your computer:

  1. Click Attach File, and then drag and drop your files into the dedicated upload area, OR click the Drop files here to upload button.

  2. Select the tax year you upload the file and add the description (optional).

  3. Click Submit.

❗ Important note: the files are not only added to the message but also uploaded to the TFX system. They will be available in the Documents You Provide Us section.

To attach already uploaded to the TFX system files:

  1. Click Attach files and navigate to Attach uploaded files tab.

  2. Click the year to which the file belongs.

  3. Select one or more files and/or folders and click Add selected files button.

To delete attachments, hover the mouse cursor over the file thumbnail and click the recycle bin 🗑 icon.

To delete all files attached to the message, click Delete all files.

Contact Management

If there is an issue you would like to discuss with the management or you want to let us know how swimmingly things are going, you can contact the TFX Management team.

  1. Navigate to the Messages page and click the Talk to management link.

  2. Type the subject and your message, and click Send.

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