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Tax rules
I plan to expatriate but am currently behind on filing my US taxes. Can you give me a rough timeline for the filing process?
How much time can I spend in the U.S. after expatriating without being taxed as a resident?
I’m relinquishing my U.S. citizenship this year. How should I file?
I abandoned my U.S. Green Card this year. How should I file?
Can I file my final return and Form 8854 without a Certificate of Loss of Nationality?
Do I have to file if my Green Card expired, but I didn't renounce?
Filing as a Green Card holder who moved to the U.S. midyear
Are Green Card holders working for supranational organizations outside the U.S. required to pay U.S. income taxes?
I'm behind on my taxes and want to get up-to-date. Should I contact the IRS and inform them that I'm planning to file?
Do expats have to have health insurance under Obamacare?
How should Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 plans be reported on a U.S. tax return?
I have an H-1B Visa. What is my residency status for tax purposes?
I have recently moved. Do I need to do anything? And, if so, what do I need to do?
Form 1116 FAQ
Form 5471 FAQ
What to do if you receive a corrected W-2
What to do if a bank or online marketplace asks for a W-9/W-8
My bank is asking me to complete Form W-8BEN-E. Can TFX help?
I live in a country with a high tax rate. Why do I still owe U.S. taxes?
U.S. reporting requirements for inheritance
I received a letter from a non-U.S. bank asking to verify the tax status of my account
My local tax declaration (i.e., France, Switzerland) won't be ready by the October deadline. What should I do?
I want to start a business in the U.S. How should I go about obtaining an EIN and an ITIN?
Am I being taxed twice? Article 18 of the U.S./U.K. tax treaty says I shouldn’t be taxed