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Umbrella accounts: One login to control many accounts
Umbrella accounts: One login to control many accounts
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What is an Umbrella account

Standard accounts in TFX are 1:1 - one individual is in control of one account. That individual may ask that notifications get sent to many e-mail addresses, but taxes will still be prepared for just one individual.

However, sometimes one primary contact is preparing taxes for many individuals. For this scenario, we offer Umbrella accounts. These are particularly useful for families, allowing a designated person to manage multiple tax filings (parents, children, elderly grandparents, etc.).

The umbrella can log in once and easily switch between the different accounts they have access to. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple email accounts and passwords. The umbrella will be able to sign separate engagement letters, pay bills, review documents all in an organized fashion where nothing will slip through the cracks, and maintain organized communication.

How to request an Umbrella account

Refer to Add family members on how to create an Umbrella account. If you send a request to our Support team, please provide the following information:

  • The name of the account (family/firm).

  • The name of the primary contact.

  • The email address of the primary contact who will receive all the e-mails for all the clients they create / whom you would like to be the firm contact.

    Note: this e-mail will be your login and the person who receives all incoming e-mails for all the clients you cover, e.g., in the table below.

  • The phone number of the primary contact.

How to create accounts inside the Umbrella account

Once the Umbrella account is created, you can make individual client accounts inside your profile. If you have any existing TFX client accounts, our Support team can place them inside the newly created Umbrella account.

  1. Click the Full Client List from the left sidebar for each new client and click the New Client button.

  2. Provide the required information and click Register.

    Note: although you will need to provide a unique email address, emails intended for this individual will be directed to the Umbrella account's designated email (as explained below).

How e-mail routing works

Each account should have its e-mail address. However, all e-mails will still be routed to the umbrella e-mail. This is intentional, as perhaps your child will grow up and no longer want to be under the 'umbrella' but handle their finances.

Any accounts under the umbrella may be removed and become standalone accounts that can log in and communicate without the umbrella liaison.

The sample umbrella e-mail:

Umbrella interface overview

The Home dashboard is where you can navigate to what you need, including bills, account details, and more.

The Full Client List shows you the status of each tax preparation.

Unassigned Emails

Since one individual is liaisoning on behalf of many, we need to know for which taxpayer to route the communication. When you respond to an e-mail from our system, we know which account it is for. All e-mails will show "For [Taxpayer Name]" in the subject to clarify whom we are addressing.

Example e-mail subjects:

  • For John Doe: Your engagement letter is ready

  • For Mary Doe: We have some questions to finalize your return

  • For Shane Doe: Your tax return is ready

However, when you email your tax preparer from a new email address, we do not know for whom to route it. You will receive an email asking you to assign this email to one of the clients on the Unassigned Emails tab in the Umbrella account.

To assign emails:

  1. On the Unassigned Emails tab, select an email.

  2. Click on the empty Choose Client field and select New Client in the dropdown list if it is a new client (perhaps, your cousin Frankie also needs you to oversee his tax return).

  3. Click Assign.

Navigation between accounts

When you log into one of the accounts under the umbrella, you will notice a Return to XXX Home page button in the top left corner. This will return you to the Umbrella Dashboard.

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