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TFX provides full tax returns, not information forms
TFX provides full tax returns, not information forms
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When it comes to handling your taxes as an expatriate, it is important to understand the role of TFX in providing comprehensive tax services tailored to the unique needs of expatriate taxpayers. The company's primary focus is on preparing complete tax returns, ensuring accurate reporting of income, deductions, and credits.

While many taxpayers are familiar with various information forms such as 1099s, W-2s, and K-1s, it is essential to clarify that TFX does not provide these specific information forms to clients. They are provided by the entities or individuals who pay the income. Employers issue W-2 forms, while businesses and individuals issue various 1099 forms and K-1s. As a result, taxpayers should turn to their income providers to obtain these information forms. TFX's role is to utilize the information provided by the client and accurately incorporate it into their tax returns.

In some cases, the payer of the income might also be a TFX client. However, it is crucial to note that TFX does not perform partial bookkeeping services for these clients or provide just one type of form, for example, the 1099-NEC or MISC. While TFX possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise in bookkeeping, we would either jump in head-first and do full-on bookkeeping, or not do it at all. Instead of offering partial bookkeeping services, TFX has made a conscious decision to concentrate on providing comprehensive tax solutions. By focusing on its core expertise, TFX can deliver the highest quality tax services to its clients. Therefore, clients are advised to seek separate bookkeeping solutions if required.

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