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How to log into your TFX account
How to log into your TFX account
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Log in with your email address

To log in to your TFX account:

  1. Navigate to the web page and click the Log in button in the top right corner.

  2. The TFX login page will appear.

  3. Enter your TFX credentials and click Log in.

    Note: select the Remember me checkbox to save your login credentials.

Important note: after 5 consecutive attempts to log in with an incorrect password, your TFX account will be blocked for 1 hour. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You can simply reset your password to override the 1-hour block.

If you enabled two-factor authentication, you will need to verify your identity by entering an authentication code:

  1. Open the Google Authenticator app or a similar application on your smartphone.

  2. Enter a provided code into the Authentification code box and click Verify.

    Note: the code in Google Authenticator changes every 30 seconds. If the code you enter is not accepted by TFX, make sure to enter the new code shown in the app.

To temporarily disable Two-Factor Authentication for the current device, select the Remember this device for 30 days checkbox. Once enabled, you will not be prompted to enter the authentication code for 30 days when signing in from this device.

Log in with a Google account/Apple ID

If you have registered with a Google account or Apple ID, click Continue with Google or Continue with Apple and follow the standard authorization procedure. You don't need to enter any credentials on this page.

Note: if you are getting a 500 internal server error when trying to log in with Apple ID, read this article on how to fix it.

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