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Expiring credit: Prepay to activate
Expiring credit: Prepay to activate
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What is an expiring credit and when does it expire?

At TFX, we provide our clients with two types of credits: regular bonus credits and expiring credits. Expiring credits can be converted into real credits by making a prepayment of $300 before the expiration date. Failure to make the prepayment will result in the expiration of the credit, as the name suggests.

How can I receive TFX expiring credit?

Expiring credit can be sent via a link or it can be added to your account automatically through special offers. Don't miss out on these offers, subscribe to our newsletters.

How do I know if I have expiring credits?

You will receive an email notification and after that, when you log in to your TFX account, you will see a banner that states the number of credits and the expiration date.

How do I use the expiring credit?

To turn your expiring credit into a permanent one, make a prepayment of $300 or more. Once you make the prepayment, the credit will be issued and reflected in the Payments section of your TFX account along with the sum of your prepayment.

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