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TFX referral program overview
TFX referral program overview
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We encourage you to participate in the TFX referral program. You may want to share your experience with your friends, family, and people you know and get benefits from TFX.

Invite three friends to use TFX and get $300!

How the referral program works

For every friend who becomes a paying client, you get a $50 credit. Additionally. there is a $150 bonus for every three people you invite. For instance, if you recommend TFX to three friends and they become paying clients and pay us at least $400 (our minimum fee), you will get a $300 credit to spend on your next tax preparation service.

By the way, there is no limit on the amount of credit you can get. For example, if you invite nine friends, you will get a $900 credit!

You are not the only one who benefits. When you refer friends or family, they will immediately receive a $25 credit at signup for any TFX service. You help us to grow, and we get to give you money back that we would otherwise spend on advertising.

To invite your friends and earn the referral bonus, you can:

How to invite friends via social media

  1. Log in to your TFX account and click on the Invite 3 Friends & Get $300 banner in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Select a social media site (WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook).

  3. Edit the attached message (optional) and post.

How friends sign up for TFX via your unique link

You may copy your custom referral link and send it to your friends:

Once a person follows your link and signs up for TFX, they get a $25 credit. As soon as your referral becomes a paying client and pays us at least $400 (our minimum fee), you get a $50 credit.

Word-of-mouth referrals

Many people do not like to refer businesses to friends via email or social media, and that is fine. Some of the best advertising happens through word of mouth. If you tell a friend about TFX, ask them to mention your name when they sign up. That way, you will receive an extra $50 in credit in your account as a referral bonus when they become a paying customer. Just make sure they provide us with your name in the question How did you hear about us? when signing up, and if there is an exact match in our database, you will be automatically linked.

Note: if we cannot find a match in our database after registration, they will be prompted to provide a referrer's email address on the Home page. If there is no match again, they can click I need help to chat with our Support team.

History of referrals

You can always stay on top of your history of referrals and view how much credit you have earned through referrals.

To see your past referrals:

  1. Click on the Invite 3 friends & Get $300 banner in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Scroll down to the bar with statistics on referrals.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Referral History table.

The Referral History table contains information about who you have invited to use TFX for tax preparation.

  • Referral – Names of people you have referred to TFX;

  • Invite Method – The way they signed up;

  • Updated The date when your invitation was sent;

  • Status – The status of your referral. If a person invited by you signs up, their status will show Registered with signup credit. If they paid their first bill, their status will change to Paid.

Referral earnings

Once your referral becomes a paying client, you will receive a $50 credit which can be used to pay for any TFX service. Credits never expire. You can check your referral earnings information by navigating to Bills & Payments > Payments section:

  • Date – When you received credit.

  • Amount – How much you were credited.

  • Mode – How you were paid. It will show Credited.

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