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Filing instructions and confirmations
Filing instructions and confirmations
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In your TFX account, you can preview, download, and print all of your tax documents prepared by TFX, regardless of the year they were created. To access these documents, simply navigate to the Documents section. If there are any new documents available, the number of files will be displayed next to the section.

Instructions & Confirmations folder

Instructions for filing your taxes, and electronic filing confirmations from the IRS, the Treasury, and the state tax authorities are placed into the Instructions & Confirmations folder, categorized by tax year. 

  • Filing instructions: The final step in the filing process is to provide the client with a summary (which we call "Final Instructions") outlining the services that were provided, the documents that were prepared, the method by which those documents were delivered to the IRS/Treasury, as well as specific mailing instructions if was not possible for us to e-file on the client's behalf.

  • Confirmations: If possible, TFX will always e-file returns on behalf of the client (once approval is given), but in some cases – such as when filing an amended return or using the Streamlined Procedure – it is not possible for us to do so. If your tax return and FBAR were electronically filed, we would upload the e-file confirmation for your records.

    • The IRS will provide a receipt when they receive and accept your documents.

    • The Treasury will provide the acknowledgment when they receive your documents.

To manage your files for a specific year, click the corresponding year link. Each year will show the number of unread files. Next to each file, you will see its description.

Preview documents

To preview your tax documents using the built-in document viewer:

  1. Navigate to Documents > Documents TFX Prepared.

  2. Click on the Instructions & Confirmations folder.

  3. Select the tax year and click on the document’s name or the eye 👁 icon.

Download documents

To download documents you have uploaded to the TFX system, you can take one of the following actions:

  • To download a single file, click the download icon, choose the folder on your computer where you want to save the file, and click Save.

  • To download multiple files, select the checkboxes next to the file names and click Download at the top of the list. The selected files will be automatically placed into a ZIP archive.

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