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Statuses of your TFX project
Statuses of your TFX project
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At TFX, client communication is paramount. Throughout every stage of your project, we ensure that you are fully informed about the status, the next steps, and the expected completion time. As we work on your project, you will receive automated updates via email and WhatsApp. Additionally, you can always view the current status in your portal. In this article, we will review the different stages that your project will go through and provide a clear explanation of each step.

TFX tax preparation statuses:

We need something from you:

  1. Complete a Tax Questionnaire (TQ)

    The beginning of the tax preparation process. Fill out a Tax Questionnaire(s) as accurately and completely as possible and upload all relevant tax documents. This will provide us with the necessary information to begin the tax return preparation process. Next, we will issue an Engagement Letter for you to sign.

    Note: you can request an extension of time to file if you know that you won't meet the tax return filing deadlines.

  2. Submit documents
    The beginning of the IRS letter review or self-prepared or prepared by others tax return review process is when you sign up for our services for the first time and select IRS letter review or Prior return review services. Upload the documents you want us to review.

  3. Correct the extension request information

    When you submit an extension of time to file request, we automatically verify whether your name, your spouse's name, and your SSNs match IRS and Social Security Administration records. If errors occur, you will be prompted to update the information.

  4. Provide answers to CPA clarification questions
    During the review of your Tax Questionnaire(s) and uploaded documents, your tax preparer may have questions regarding your tax situation. In addition to the option to add questions directly within the Tax Questionnaire (TQ), your tax preparer can ask you additional questions separately if there are any uncertainties or specific inquiries not covered by our TQ.

    To provide answers to these questions, please log in and click the Provide answers button on the Home page. Completing this step is essential to ensure the start or continuation of your tax return preparation. For detailed instructions, you can refer to the guide Your tax preparer sent you additional questions.

  5. Review and sign the Engagement Letter (EL)
    After your tax preparer has reviewed your documents and questionnaire(s) and you have provided answers to all required questions, we will provide you with an Engagement Letter. It outlines the amount of work you ask us to perform and the approximate cost. Sign the EL and make a prepayment if necessary.

    Note: inactivity for over 12 days after you receive an Engagement Letter (EL) will pause your TFX project. To resume, log in to your TFX account, click Resume project on the Home page, and sign the EL.

  6. Documents ready, payment due

    At this stage, your tax preparer will have prepared your tax return and it will have been reviewed by at least two CPA/EA. In order to unlock the prepared tax documents and review them, you are requested to pay your bill first. 

  7. Review our work and approve or disapprove the prepared tax return
    Once you have paid your bill, your tax documents will be unlocked. Review them and approve your tax return for filing or, if some of your personal information is incorrect, disapprove it and we will make the necessary corrections.

  8. We e-filed your return
    After we receive the e-filing acknowledgments from the IRS and Treasury, we will send you an e-file confirmation file. If e-filing is not allowed (for some returns), we will send you mailing instructions. Next, you will be asked to sign off on the completion of your tax return.

  9. Mail your return to the IRS

    If e-filing is not allowed (for some returns), we provide you with mailing instructions on sending your return to the IRS. This step is crucial because if the IRS doesn't receive your return, it will be considered unfiled. If the mailing needs to be postponed, we specify the date when you can snail-mail your return in the final instructions.

  10. Project sign-off
    The final step in the tax preparation process. Once you have received an e-file confirmation file with the e-filing acknowledgments from the IRS and Treasury and/or mailing instructions from us, you will be requested to sign off on the TFX project. E-signature will allow us to mark your case as complete. However, you may reject it if you have questions or comments about the work performed.

You need something from us:

  1. We review documents and prepare the Engagement Letter (EL)
    Once you have submitted all Tax Questionnaires and tax documents, your tax preparer will review them and may ask you additional questions regarding your tax situation before issuing the Engagement Letter which outlines the scope of work and the cost. This process takes at least three business days.

  2. EL disagreement

    Before you sign the Engagement Letter, you can ask additional questions or leave comments. The status will change and your tax preparer will provide answers to your questions.

  3. We prepare your return
    After we receive your signed Engagement Letter (EL) and prepayment, your tax preparer will work on your tax return. If some additional questions occur, you will receive a notification from your tax preparer. Our standard timeline is 15 business days per tax year from the moment you sign the EL.

    Note: at this stage, you may see that some files have been uploaded to your file cabinet but cannot be downloaded. This is completely normal, as it indicates that the files have been prepared but have not yet passed our internal review.

  4. Peer review

    We have a strict review process in which all work is reviewed by at least two CPA/EA to ensure that your return adheres to IRS rules. You may see the status go back and forth between We are preparing your return and Peer Review; that is completely normal and reflects the actual work & collaboration involved in ensuring that we provide you with the best service possible. Our standard timeline is 15 business days per tax year from the moment you sign the EL.

    Note: once approved, the status will be changed to Documents Ready, Payment Due and we will request you to pay the bill in order to unlock prepared tax documents.

  5. Filing on hold

    Postponement of e-filing is necessary in the following situations:

    1. To meet the Physical Presence Test.

    2. When e-filing is closed.

    3. After mailing a Streamlined package (3 delinquent years), allowing time for the IRS to process before e-filing the current year return.

    Once you have paid a bill and approved the prepared return, as the filing date approaches, your return will be e-filed, and you will receive an email notification. 

  6. We work on your return filing
    Once you have approved your tax return, we will e-file your document. This process takes up to four business days. If e-filing is not allowed (for some returns), we will send you mailing instructions, and ask you to sign off on the TFX project.

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