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How to approve/disapprove your return
How to approve/disapprove your return
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Once you have paid the bill, you can download the prepared tax documents, review them and approve your tax return before filing. We do not require you to verify technical tax details. Instead, we ask you to ensure that your personal details and essential information are correct.

To download the prepared tax documents:

  1. Navigate to Documents > Documents TFX prepared.

  2. Open the Tax Returns folder and download the files.

Approve your return

If your personal details are correct and you have no comments to make, you can proceed to approve the return:

  1. Click Approve - Proceed to Filing on the Home page.

  2. Check the required boxes and click Sign.

  3. The return will be e-filed within the next three business days, or if your return is to be filed by mail, we will provide detailed instructions.

Disapprove your return

If you have questions or comments about your return, you may disapprove the draft:

  1. Click Disapprove - Need Resolution Before Approval on the Home page.

  2. Describe the issue in the pop-up window. If there are multiple issues, click the Add Reason link to add a new field.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. Our tax preparers will revise the documents and work on amending your return. You can expect a response within three business days.

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