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Previous return issues report: Submit and manage
Previous return issues report: Submit and manage

How to fix issues with a prior return if you received an IRS letter on the TFX prepared tax return

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Submit previous return issues report

TFX stands by every return we prepare. If you received an IRS letter, please upload it for our review. We will then analyze the nature of the IRS notice and provide the next steps on how to resolve it.

  • If you are a new client, when you sign up, please select the IRS Letter Review service.

  • If you have previously filed a tax return by using TFX, submit a report in the Previous Return Issues section. Watch a short video on how to submit an issue report and how to manage it:

To report an issue with a prior return, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Previous Return Issues page and click Create New Report.

  2. Specify the tax year of the unapproved return, then select the name of the tax preparer who worked on your return.

    Note: if the name is not on the list, select Other.

  3. Upload a copy of the IRS or state tax authority letter. 

  4. If you self-prepared some forms on this return, specify which ones. 

    Note: once you submitted the report, you can upload self-prepared forms for review in the Documents > Documents You Provide Us section.

  5. Describe the issue, then click Submit.

Once submitted, our team will review it and come back to you via email. To report another issue, repeat steps 1 through 6. 

❗ Important notes:

  • 5% of all tax returns submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are rejected/questioned.

  • The IRS letter review costs $250, but if you choose to engage our services to either prepare the amendment (if one is warranted) or for representation services to call the IRS on your behalf to address the issue in the IRS letter in question, the fee would serve as a retainer towards those services.

  • If you prepared some forms and TFX experts suggested an amendment, the review cost would be applied towards the amendment fee.

Manage previous return issues report

You can see your submissions in the provided table in your TFX portal. Once the issue is resolved, you will receive an email.

To view information about a report:

  1. Navigate to the Previous Return Issues page and click Open Report.

  2. If you submitted a report in error, click Resolve Report, and your tax preparer won't work on it.

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