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US business owners: TFX tax preparation process
US business owners: TFX tax preparation process
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Step 1 - Sign up

Please sign up and choose the service you would like us to perform.

Step 2 - Book a free discovery call

Take this step to consult with our tax experts. They will guide you on how to use our platform, outline the tax preparation process, and clarify filing requirements tailored to your specific situation.

Step 3 - Complete a Tax Questionnaire

Create an entity in your TFX portal and complete a Tax Questionnaire (TQ) to the best of your ability. You can refer to the following articles:

You will be assigned to a licensed tax preparer who will assist you throughout the tax preparation process and base the preparation of your return and other tax documents on your answers. Submit all TQs for review.

Step 4 - Sign an Engagement Letter

Once you have submitted all TQs and asked us to send you an Engagement Letter (EL), you can expect to receive it within three business days. This letter is not a bill; it shows the scope of work you are asking us to perform and the cost.

If you agree to the terms and wish to proceed, simply sign the EL and your tax preparer will begin working on your tax documents. Please note that this process may take up to 15 business days per year.

Step 5 - Prepay the Engagement Letter (EL)

You may be asked to make a prepayment before you sign the EL. If you have bonus credits on your account, they will be automatically applied and deducted from the total prepayment amount. The difference can be paid with a credit card. You can deposit more than the required amount.

Step 6 - We prepare the requested return(s)

At this step, every return is reviewed by at least two CPA/EA and often more. Sometimes, you may see that some files have been uploaded but are unavailable for you to download. This is completely normal, as it indicates that the files have been prepared but have not yet passed our internal review. You will be notified via email and push notifications on your mobile app as soon as they are released.

If your tax preparer requires additional information, they may contact you. You will receive a secure link accessible from your TFX account with questions awaiting your response.

Step 7 - Pay & review prepared tax document(s)

When your tax documents are ready, you will be notified via email and push notifications and requested to pay the bill(s).

Note: if this is a multiple-year project, billing may come in stages to ensure that you are not asked to review hundreds of pages of returns at once (which can be a daunting task) and so that you can provide feedback. This staggering billing process also allows any potential errors to be corrected before they flow through to future years.

Once you have paid the bill, you can view and download your tax documents and verify that your personal details are correct. You will be asked to approve or disapprove your tax return. If you disapprove, our tax preparers will revise the documents and fix the issues. If you approve, we will proceed to e-file it on your behalf.

In some instances, the IRS does not allow e-filing. If this applies to you, we will provide instructions on how to mail your non-personal return to the IRS.

โ— Important note: the non-personal tax return might not be prepared before the deadline. In such cases, you can request a non-personal extension for additional time to file within your TFX portal (applicable to partnerships, corporations, and trusts). The IRS will grant the extension if any tax due is paid by the original due date for the return. It is important to note that this extension does not extend the time for paying the tax due on the return.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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